||| O C T O B E R ||| T H I R T I E T H ||| O N E N I G H T O N L Y |||



ALONE [an existential haunting] Los Angeles Immersive Horror Theater. ALONE is a site-specific, immersive and artistic exploration of fear, loneliness and self preservation. It’s a thirty minute walkthrough experience where you become a willing victim to your own inner demons. Borrowing the structure of a typical haunted house, but ditching the blood, guts and psychotic clowns with chainsaws, ALONE explores the deepest regions of the bizarre, and places you as a participant in your own nightmare. Each participant must enter by themselves. Completely alone. This event is full contact. You will be touched. Los Angeles haunted house, immersive horror theater, Alone Experience, An Existential Haunting, Urban Daddy, Thrillist, Flavorpill, LA Weekly, Downtown Los Angeles, DTLA, #aloneexperience, experiential theater, interactive, horror, thriller, play, halloween, october, psychological haunting. Delusion, Great Horror Campout, Enter Delusion, LA Haunted Hayride, Blackout, The Blackout Experience, theblackoutexperience.com, Blackout Experience, Purge, Purge Live, Blumhouse of Horrors, Blumhouse Productions, experimental theater, The She Fell, Sleep No More, McKittrick Hotel, Lydia Lunch, escape room, The Begotten, Heretic, Evil Twin Studios, Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, Escape Room.